-Learn traditional sets -get class dress -Move up to Beginner B -Win first place at a feis with 5 or more competitors -Dance at the Oireachtas -Dance at Nationals -Dance […]

I am so excited for 2016! Why, you may ask? Well, as a saint Nicholas present I got; 1. a cookbook (as you can see in the last post, this […]

I love cooking, and have a lot of cookbooks to prove it. I have made marinara sauce from scratch, the best mac’n cheese casserole, an awesome pasta salad, club sandwiches, […]

Disney Tsum Tsums are adorable little disney characters that you can stack. In fact, tsum tsum means “stack stack” in Japanese. There is an app you can get and you […]

I love going to horse world, as you know on my first post, horses are my favorite animal. all horse lovers in florida go to:www.horseworlstables.com Heather, is the best instructor […]

my visit to Tennessee

I am visiting my uncle at tennessee. we have millions of boxes and things in his attic so we are renting a truck because we have couches and 12 boxes […]

I paint lots of pretty paintings and keep them in a folder, yesterday I sold two paintings, they each costed 5 cents, but on 1 i got a dollar and […]


Yesterday we went to are friend Sandras house it was like a zoo there! They had… Two Bunnys Fish A horse Birds And of course a dog. And as I […]

My doll

Today I am going to show you the doll I made. It has a smiley face smiley eyes and even smiley hair! it has a shirt a skirt and even […]