Hey everybody. Guess what my favorite animal is?

It is a horse!

I have (stuffed animals) Savanna,Lily,Cocoa,Glitter,Nightmare,Caramel syrup,Gallopy,Cream puff.

TYPES                          Unicorn,Claesadale,Pinto,Pegausase,Nightmare(horse with fire),?,?,?.


Look at all my Cool stuff
Look at all my Cool stuff


  1. Fronz

    Hmmmm, what happen to the “Purple Panther”?!?! I thought that was your favorite animal??

    1. amelia

      Now it is horses!

  2. Uncle Rob

    I like giraffes. I like to watch them eat leaves.

    1. amelia

      There is no girraffes in france fyi

  3. Grandpa

    When you come to Florida next time, we can take you to a horse farm that some of our neighbors go to. You may be able to ride one of the horses there. Have you ridden any horses in France?

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